Dreyer's was a brand that faced a challenge. It had long been toppled as Hong Kong's king of ice cream in the eyes of younger consumers who had developed a taste for more expensive competitors. But M&L believes that truly sustainable brands evolve their storytelling as their brands mature. Dreyer's new core customer, housewives who looked to the brand for great ice cream to feed the family and entertain guests while still being pocket-friendly, was potentially a loyal and lasting audience if the brand storytelling was told right.

M&L tapped into the main stars of one of TVB's biggest hits for years with high viewership among the brand's core customer. Utilizing our in-house cinema grade filming equipment, we matched the 4k production values of TVB's first ever 4k TV drama, while finishing the production in a matter of days to coincide Dreyer's new product launch with the airing of the series finale. The result? Record amount of ice cream cones bought.