Bringing research to life

HKUST’s research publication is an opportunity to showcase the university as one of the world’s leading institutions for research excellence in science and technology, driven by its people – professors, students and other stakeholders – who make it tick. It is a publication that showcases the very best of the university's research, and is intended to be read on campus, throughout Hong Kong and across the world, demonstrating that HKUST stands shoulder to shoulder among the world's finest research universities.
This is a challenging but fascinating brief that involves our content team digesting sometimes complex research topics, and then presenting it to a diverse audience that ranges from academic peers through to general interest stakeholders. To answer the brief, we developed a layout hierarchy and design language that was visually rich with information to showcase the university's complex research, yet was easy for different types of readers to navigate.
Crucially, the publication was designed to be a world-class scientific magazine in its own right, reflecting how HKUST is a place that sparks imagination and influences the influential, those who have a passion and a purpose, who will go on to truly change the world with their ideas and their hard work. M&L is at present working on the third issue of the publication.