Appealing to a new generation

The Hong Kong Jockey Club had an ageing membership and needed to make its most visible and regular touchpoint with its members – its monthly magazine Badges – communicate with readers in a more contemporary, sophisticated and engaging way in order to gain and retain younger members. We worked with the Jockey Club to develop a modern publishing strategy that delivered a magazine which respected the heritage of the club and delivered on commercial objectives, while becoming more relevant, inspirational and aspirational for all its vital membership segments including younger members.

M&L relaunched Badges, working from the ground up. A more contemporary lifestyle-focused design language was introduced, with a meticulously developed typographical hierarchy that was versatile, readable and put across the premium yet modern aesthetics that we wanted the Jockey Club to be known for. When it came to the copy, we developed a compelling editorial voice that helped the magazine stand side-by-side with mainstream lifestyle titles.